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PostWysłany: Pią 0:00, 27 Kwi 2007    Temat postu: Promorionis presend:layout man myspace spider and free south

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The law addressed material accessed by children under 17, but applied only to content hosted in the United States.The Web sites that challenged the law said fear of prosecution might lead them to shut down or move their operations offshore, beyond the reach of the U.S. law. They also said the Justice Department could do more to enforce obscenity laws already on the books.
The 1998 law followed Congress' unsuccessful 1996 effort to ban online pornography. The Supreme Court in 1997 deemed key portions of that law unconstitutional because it was too vague and trampled on adults' rights.
The newer law narrowed the restrictions to commercial Web sites and defined indecency more specifically.In 2000, Congress passed a law requiring schools and libraries to use software filters if they receive certain federal funds. The high court upheld that law in 2003.
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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Granted, Sony (the progenitor of Betamax) had a lot to do with that ultimate decision, essentially refusing to let its burgeoning format be sullied by pornography hawkers.
But nevertheless, when the adult industry gave the thumbs up to VHS, the result of the format war was pretty much a foregone conclusion.
What followed is now common knowledge. The explosion in the early 80s of VCRs and home-video rentals did for the adult industry pretty much what TV did for pro football.
Today, of course, there is a new format war at hand, one between two high-definition discs whose similarities far outweigh their differences.
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Adult film producer There Joone told Heise Online that his company, Digital Playground, would be going with HD DVD for future HD releases. Joone reportedly said that none of the Blu-ray manufacturing facilities would press discs for his company, saying that Sony had threatened to pull their licenses if they produced adult content.
Ars contacted the Blu-ray Disc Association for comment on Joone's allegations. "There is not a prohibition against adult content," said Marty Gordon, vicechair of the BDA US Promotions Committee and vice president of the Philips Electronics Hollywood Office. "The BDA welcomes the participation of all companies interested in using and supporting the format, particularly those from the content industry. We look forward to working with any content providers interested in providing their audience with [the] best possible high definition home entertainment experience."
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